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To instruct the principles of physical and mental defense, enabling the practitioner to develop techniques for efficient and effective self defense, by maintaining an instructional, training, and testing environment that will enable each individual the opportunity to pursue and achieve the highest level of Martial skill they are capable of.


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Strengthening Children from the Inside Out

In the past, the study of Martial Arts was considered synonymous with gymnastics, T-ball, horseback riding and other similar after school activities. Today, it is widely recognized that the study of Martial Arts is far more than an extra curricular activity... it is a training program that empowers children with powerful techniques and strategies for lifelong success.

To that end Progressive Martial Arts Training Center Youth Martial Arts training programs provides our instructors with an effective, ongoing, systematic method of teaching children the common values upon which the martial arts instill: honesty, respect, responsibility, integrity, courage, tolerance, justice, self-confidence, politeness and courtesy.

Benefits of our Youth Martial Arts Program

Personal Safety

In a real life self-defense situation, there are no rules, no time limits and no referees. Unlike most other martial art children programs that teach air punching and kicking or touch and stop fighting, we offer a curriculum that has been rigidly tested and proven to effectively address the realities of a "real fight". Rather than distract and astound our students with an array of spectacular techniques that have little or no tactical value or application, we prefer to concentrate on techniques that keep children safe in the face of danger.

First-Class Staff and Facility: Raising standards of the martial arts industry

Progressive Martial Arts Training Center has developed a tremendously successful program backed by excellent staff members who are all certified by the highest standards of the martial arts community.

Progressive Martial Arts Training Center has helped raise the standards of the entire Martial Arts Industry. From the quality of instruction to the cleanliness of the school, it's no wonder Progressive Martial Arts Training Center is one of the top training facilities in Louisiana.