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At the Progressive Martial Arts Training Center our training is designed for the realities of the real world. All of our instructors training and guidance is taken very serious yet done in a very relaxed fun filled environment. Classes are taught in a friendly, positive, and high energy environment focusing on three major components of the Martial Arts!

Within our training lesson plans are the building blocks which will give you a good solid foundation to be used in learning how to defend yourself. It utilizes the three major modes of learning: Audio, Visual, and Kinistic. It also uses three general areas for learning defense: physical, psychological, and environmental.

Within these categories are a number of subjects which relate to the skills needed to prepare for avoiding and /or successfully surviving an actual physical attack.

Our program is designed to offer effective self-defense techniques for the average male and female in realistic self-defense situations. The average person can reasonably expect to defend themselves against the most common and probable attacks after learning and practicing the techniques present. As part of your experience here you will learn to think, breathe, and move. You\'ll become tougher, learn how to effectively fight back, and your confidence will grow

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Located in New Iberia, Louisiana, a short drive from Lafayette, the Progressive Martial Arts Training Center offers intensive instruction in Wing Chun (a Kung Fu style), Muay Thai Kickboxing, Kali - a Filipino Martial Art and Submission Wrestling/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.


To instruct the principles of physical and mental defense, enabling the practitioner to develop techniques for efficient and effective self defense, by maintaining an instructional, training, and testing environment that will enable each individual the opportunity to pursue and achieve the highest level of Martial skill they are capable of.


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